I Gave My Fat for Health and Beauty – Strength Magazine – April, 1929

It was a beautiful morning, that Monday as the sun broke right and clear above the horizon. At least, that is what the papers said about it, but to me it was just another “blue Monday” ushered in by a hangover headache from the night before and made all the more unpleasant for me by the fact that Harry had prepared his own breakfast and had gone off to the office without disturbing me or the children. Then when I finally awoke there was barely sufficient time left for the youngsters, Harry, Jr., and Betty, aged ten and eight, to dress eat a hasty breakfast, and get away to school on time. I did not have a moment to spare to try those funny exercises I’d heard over the radio once or twice, and which I had been planning for some time to take up. WelL there was no use worrying about it; I would just have to get up early enough some other morning to start them.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas