Ignorance and Indigestion – Strength Magazine – January, 1928

The great bard, Shakespeare, once remarked through one of his famous characters that all the world is a stage, and that the individuals are players on it. How wise a man was Shakespeare! And how, oh, how, is the wisdom of this particular statement of his brought home time after time to uncounted hosts of the army of mankind; and to none is it revealed more clearly and forcibly than to those of us who follow the profession of the man of medicine, for before us comes clay by clay a never ending procession of these players, each desiring his tragic part-converted into one more pleasant. The happy things of life are often soon forgotten, but the sorrows – the tragedies – remain poignantly fresh within our memories throughout most of the allotted three-score-ten years that are ours.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas