Joe Nordquest And His Record-Breaking Lift – Strength Magazine – May, 1916

But think of it! Take it in if you can. Here is a young American amateur-22 years of age, who raised above his head with his LEFT hand a bar-bell 5 1/2 pounds heavier than Sandow’s best and 4 pounds heavier than the best of Louis Cyr and Sandow was probably the best known Strong Man that ever lived; and the gigantic Louis Cyr has always been considered the strongest man ever produced on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. And, moreover, No Strong Man in history has ever lifted as heavy a dumbbell with his LEFT hand
as Nordquest has. He therefore holds: The World’s Amateur Record for a One-Arm Press (277 1/4 pounds) and the World’s Record (Amateur or Professional) for Left-Arm Press above the head (277 1/4 pounds).

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