Learn to Relax – Strength Magazine – September, 1925

Watch the pianist sit down to the piano and run his fingers lightly over the keys, coaxing from that thing of wood, iron, metal strings and ivory, the immortal melodies of Schumann, Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt, Rubinstein, Debussy and other composers, whose music is the cheap and yet priceless heritage of the ages.” ·”Ah,” you say, ” how easy, how smoothly, those miracle fingers work.” They arc a perfect medium through which the music is taken from the printed page and made into a thing of joy and beauty forever. It is true that those fingers work with remarkable ease and assurance; but why? It is because those fingers work in perfect co-ordination. Or in other words, because only those muscles are used which are needed to perform the act of moving a certain finger or fingers. The others arc kept in a state of relaxation.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas