Leverage Bar Bells – Strength Magazine – January, 1917

The theory is that the forearms are the most important part of the body, and it is claimed that a man’s “effective” strength is limited by the amount of weight he can handle when gripping it tightly. You can put a weight on one end of a stick, or a pole, or an iron bar, and by grasping the bar at the end far from the weights you can throw a great deal of developing strain on the muscles of the forearms; but if you do this you practically limit the development of your other muscles by the strength of the forearms. The muscles of the forearms are among the smallest and weakest in the body, and when anyone says that a man’s effective strength is limited by the strength of his hands and wrists, he is making a statement which is rather difficult to prove. I suppose it all depends upon what you mean by the word “effective.”

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas