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Light Exercise – Strength Magazine – March, 1917

EXERCISE No. 9-FOR THE MUSCLES OF THE FORE-ARM: Use a heavy cane, or any stick of hardwood about one inch in diameter, and three feet to three feet six inches in length. Grasp the stick by one end, hold the arm straight out in front of you, bend the wrist first downwards as shown in Figure 9, then raise the point of the stick as far as you can to the left, then straight out in front of you, then upwards to the right as high as you can, then downwards to the left, straight out in front of you and downwards to the right. If you will try this, you will find that the far end of the stick describes an immense figure 8. The arm must be held out straight in front of you and not allowed to bend at the elbow. All the work is done by twisting the wrist. The stick is laid diagonally across the palm so that you can pinch it between the end of the thumb and the second joint of the index finger. The stick must be held very firmly and the twisting motion continued until the muscles are thoroughly tired, then the stick must be shifted to the left hand and the exercise repeated, in order to develop the muscles of the left forearm. This exercise is practiced by fencers to strengthen the wrists.

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