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Mr. Mills of Cincinnati – Strength Magazine – May, 1928

If you could chin yourself once with either hand, you would think yourself “pretty good,” wouldn’t you? And if at the same time you could do the dip on the parallels fifteen or twenty times and had measurements like these-chest 38 inches, waist 32, hips 37 1/2, thigh 22 1/4, neck 15 1/2 and upper arm 14 and if you weighed 168 pounds of good bone and muscle at a height of five feet seven and a half inches, you would have reason for entertaining such thoughts. Well, that sums up the general condition of Mr. D. B. Mills, then of Waycrosse, Ga., but now of Cincinnati, Ohio, in the spring of 1924, when he purchased a Large Size Milo Triplex Bell and enrolled for a course of instructions.