Nordquest Makes Another Worlds Record – Strength Magazine – January, 1917

Several years ago Hackenschmidt, famous “Strong Man,” while lying flat on his back, pulled across face to chest a huge bar-bell weighing 361 pounds and then slowly raised it in the air by straightening his arms. In making this lift he used a bar-bell with ends 19 inches in diameter. It was considered one of the greatest feats of genuine strength in the history of lifting, but Nordquest excelled it when, on November 6, 1916, he raised 363 1/2, pounds in the same manner in which Hackenschmidt had lifted 361 pounds.

Nordquest came to Philadelphia late in October, and tried to break the record, but failed by a few pounds. In New York, a few days later, he succeeded in making the new record at the Police Headquarters’ Gymnasium. The affidavit is reproduced herewith; also two pictures showing Nordquest holding the bell aloft. You can see his great chest and tremendously thick and powerful arms.

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