One Arm Press, Who Holds The Records? – Strength Magazine – January, 1916

In London, in 1889, an Alsatian was performing under the name of “Samson, the Strongest Man on Earth,” and was hurling nightly challenges to anyone who thought they could vie with him in strength. A noted sportsman had heard of a tremendously powerful young weight lifter then touring Italy, and sent for him to come to London and take up Samson’s challenge. Eugene Sandow, then a youth of 22, appeared in answer to the summons and first defeated Samson’s pupil, Cyclops, and then in a special match overcame Samson himself. Samson’s specialty was breaking chains and ropes, bending irons bars, etc., but Sandow easily duplicated Samson’s feats, and then did some bar bell lifting that amazed the spectators and Samson himself.

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