Soccer-The Universal Game – Strength Magazine – April, 1930

The whistle blows and twenty-two hardy looking young men get into action. They are clad in what appears to be a running suit, a heavy pair of woolen stockings reaching to their knees, and two solid looking boots. The action revolves around a big round ball, which is kicked to and fro with startling rapidity. Suddenly one of the players gets it free and gives it a hearty boot down the field. The ball ascends in a beautiful arc through the air. As it descends toward the ground the defense man rushes to meet it. Instead of waiting for the ball to hit the turf he jumps high into the air, like a graceful ballet dancer, to butt the falling sphere with his head. Once again the ball is in action; the men mill about it until someone gets it loose and either kicks a goal or boots the sphere so hard that it goes deep into the other team’s territory.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas