Sons of Hercules – Strength Magazine – May, 1926

“Wine, woman and song.” The three temptations that await the unsuspecting feet of mere man. That’s the old slogan that the old-time stump parsons used to love to spout about. Now personally, I don’t believe it. As far as the first two evils are concerned, I’ve had blamed little to do with them. Maybe I have missed a lot, but in order to keep peace with everybody, I’ll say, “Thank the Lord for that.” As for a song-now what honest to John L. son of Eve doesn’t love a good song? There’s always something about a real tune that gets you. Why, if it had not been for a song, this story would never have been written, and I would have lost the opportunity of becoming a spectator of a remarkable feat of strength.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas