“Sports Served Short” ft. Connie Mack – Strength Magazine – April 1930

Writer Lee’s Simpson “Shorts Served Short” column from the April 1930 issue of Strength magazine. This round-up of sports news includes Philadelphia Athletics manager Connie Mack winning the prestigious Bok Award (known today as the Philadelphia Award, and still given to a standout citizen of that city each year) and Babe Ruth huffing and puffing about a new contract.

“Nothing of recent occurrence in the sporting world should hold for the public at this time as much significance as the winning of the Bok Award by Connie Mack, lanky leader of the Philadelphia Athletics. This marked the first time in the nine-year existence of the award that a figure in the sporting world has gained it-formerly the winners were learned men in the professions and publicists. The prize, in case you are not acquainted with it, is offered annually to the Philadelphia citizen who has done most during the past year for his city. In itself it is a great honor, and the $10,000 check which accompanied the embossed scroll and gold medal is a great help.”