Strong and Healthy Bodies – Strength Magazine – September, 1925

I was visiting a local physical training institute and at that time there were from ten to fifteen girls in class. I watched them with interest-first because I had a real interest in body building, and secondly because I thought the girls were not · putting as much “pep” into their work as they ought. They were then going through a series of shoulder, chest and arm exercises. I thought my presence might be distracting their attention, so I walked away. I strolled into the dressing room, principally to powder my nose, and became engaged in a conversation with one of the attendants. In a short time the girls all rushed in, and there was a babble of voices and rush of water from the showers. Some of their babble drifted over to me. “I don’t see why Professor — insists on making us go through those breathing and chest a physical training institute. What is the reason?

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas