Swim the First Day – Strength Magazine – August, 1927

Another season at the “ole swimmin’ hole” is drawing pretty close and a goodly percentage of the populace will soon be worshiping at the shrine of old Neptune. Happy, to most of us are the memories of our kid days spent around the shad~ bank of a neighboring creek or pond. But, now that we have outgrown the shallow depths. o,f the real fountain of youth, what sort of old swimmin’ hole Will we disport in this coming summer? Some of us Will hie to the seashore, others to the mountain lakes, or the nearest river, creek or municipal pool; what is your choice? Oh, I hear some say they can’t swim ; tried many times, but without success, “guess I wasn’t meant to be a fish” one says, by way of explaining to his self-satisfaction why he hasn’t been successful in mastering one of life’s most useful and enjoyable accomplishments.