The Average Man – Strength Magazine – March, 1917

There are certain performances in the athletic line that can be accomplished by any healthy man or boy. For instance, take high-jumping. Practically any boy over 12, and every man under 40, can, if necessary, jump over a bar placed 24 inches above the ground. That height might be termed the “low limit.” The only men within the ages mentioned who cannot clear the height are the very stout men. (Of course, I am not taking invalids or cripples into my count.) Probably nine out of ten men and boys will clear a height of 30 inches; seven out of ten will do 36 inches; five out of ten will clear 42 inches; and so on; until we get the bar about 54 inches (4 feet 6 inches), and then we find that only one out of ten will be able to clear it.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas