The Back Muscles – Strength Magazine – January, 1917

My space in this number is so limited that I can only give herewith a very few poses and a few words in regard to same. In a previous article I spoke of the latissimus dorsi muscle. I show here two pictures which will give you a clear idea of the location of this muscle. It fills the whole back from the waist almost as high as the line of the armpits. Its outer edges form the side of the body. In Figure A, this page, where the athlete has shrugged the shoulders forward in order to show the great breadth of his back, you can see the outside edge of the left half of the latissimus muscle, which starts just above the waist and runs up towards the armpit. In this picture the left arm makes a background for the edge of the latissimus muscle. By the spine the latissimus runs up as far as the cen- tral dark shadow, and then its upper edge goes forward and is attached to the bone of the upper arm.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas