The Lifting Machine – Strength Magazine – March, 1917

The two pictures on this page show my special lifting platform which was used in the competition of February 17th. The upper picture shows the ordinary style of making a dead-weight lift. This is called the “Hand- and-Knee” style. All the weights to be lifted are piled upon the lower platform. The lifter stands on the upper platform. The four corner posts support the upper platform; steel rods run upward from each corner of the lower platform, and these rods are joined at the top by a heavy X-shaped casting. From the centre of this casting another steel rod runs upward through the floor of the top platform. This rod is threaded at its upper end. A cross-bar travels up and down on the threaded uprigh, so that by spinning the horizontal bar you can raise it or lower it to suit the height of any lifter.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas