The Mat – Strength Magazine – May, 1927

Once more we have spring with us in all its glory of budding nature and pulsating life. Everything seems to be caught up with a new spirit filled with gladness that is almost intoxicating. Boy! But you do learn to appreciate these days of sunshine and clean winds as they bathe the face, after all the long months shut in by cold weather or smothered in extra clothes to resist the erratic temperature. When the days are coldest you wish you were South, West or any old place but freezing to death. But, I often think, the inclement winter weather conditions make us appreciate the glorying springtime all the more. I know they do me. I have been in the tropics and in the cold zones, and believe me you get wearied to death of the eternal snows and in time the riotous coloring of the tropics become dreadfully monotonous.