The Revival of Ice Skating – Strength Magazine – January, 1926

Down the smooth stretch of ice the racers come, bodies bent double, arms swinging back and forth like two pendulums, eyes staring straight ahead, faces white with the strain. On, on they come, their polished skates cutting over the ice’s shining surface in quick, sharp strides. The black sea in the stadium wildly cheers, their red faces move forward in one concerted motion, the stamping of cold feet and clapping of frost tingling hands ceases, a tense quiet settles over the noisy throng as they intently watch the figures below racing, neck to neck toward the finish- a spontaneous roar rolls over the field as the racers glide swiftly across the line, then the crowd once more remembers the cold and jumps about to warm themselves while turning its attention to those lining up for the next race.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas