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The Working Girl-Does She Practice the Art of Keeping Fit? – Strength Magazine – March, 1928

I was coming in from town and happened to meet my o1d school chum – a girl whom I will always remember at school as being full of pep. I welcomed her by saying, “Well, Marian, how is the world treating you, and, by the way, how do you like your position?” “I don’t know what has come over me lately, Bernice,” she answered. “I never seem to have the pep to go anywhere; and as for my position, I really don’t know whether I am to blame or not-I have lost all interest. I know Mr.– (she was referring to her employer) is getting impatient with me. He remarked just the other day that he thought I was losing interest. And I believe he was right. I am not only losing interest in my work, but in life itself.”

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