Tony Massimo Highlight – Strength Magazine – March, 1917

Following my custom of letting my readers see the development of the best built professionals, I am showing you on these pages some pictures of Tony Massimo, weight lifter and hand-balancer. Massimo, called at my showroom last month. I had often heard of him, and I seized this opportunity to get some good pictures of him. Massimo is one of the most powerfully built men I have ever seen. He stands about feet 8 inches, measures 25 inches across the shoulders, and weighs about 180 pounds stripped. He started lifting when he was about 16 years old, and states that he developed himself very rapidly. As a young man he gave a “Strong Act” on the vaudeville stage, but he later on took up hand-balancing. He is said to be by far the biggest and strongest “Under-stander” in the business.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas