W.B. Hobert Jr. – Strength Magazine – November, 1919

Concerning my other lifts, I am working along the specialty line such as the Neck bridge, 6 men totaling 930 pounds; Tomb of Hercules, Human Bridge, 2500 pounds, done with 14 men. Can take three steps forward with 5 men and 150-pound bar bell on shoulders, totaling 925 pounds. Have a couple of pet stunts which are done with the neck. One is to out pull 14 men without the aid of my hands, and on one occasion pulled a large truck and auto totaling 11,000 pounds with my neck alone. I use a two-inch strap around my neck fastened to a rope and that completes the apparatus. I have specialized on the neck and upper body lifts, but have done only a fair amount of leg lifting.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas