Water a Direct Path to Health – Strength Magazine – August, 1928

Are you one of those who drink quantities of water with your meals, and none at all at any other time? If you are, it is well for you to bear in mind the fact that the body is composed of 66 per cent of water, and that without this important fluid constituent, you could not exist a single minute, for if you were deprived of all fluids, or if you were to have all the fluid in the body drained away, it would mean your death within a very short time. Food is of no use in the body unless it has been macerated, pulverized and then placed in solution, for it would be of absolutely no value to you unless it were solvent and mixed with fluid so that the digestive enzymes could come in contact with all its particles, and so that its passage through the food tube could be made easy.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas