“We’re Here Because We’re Here!” – Strength Magazine – January, 1928

“Why are you singing?” 1 asked tawny-haired Marie McCarthy. “Oh, I don’t know, Pat (she calls me Pat), without it’s because me ‘eart feels ‘appy.” “Happy, are you, Marie McCarthy? Let me see; you don’t own your home?” “Own a home is it?” she cried, with a hearty Irish laugh. “Oh, what a ‘and ye be after joking; why, I ‘aven’t a nickel, let alone a home.” “Your father is dead.” “God bless ‘is soul, yes,” replied Marie McCarthy, with a touch of genuine pathos; “may the angels make his bed in ‘iven.” “Your brother’s as bad as ever, I ‘spose.” “Ah, you may well say that. There’s bad in the best of us.” “You have to board and clothe your little sister, don’t you Marie McCarthy?”

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