What Has Become of the Bent Press? – Strength Magazine – July, 1927

I have lately been reading some old issues of STRENGTH MAGAZINE-those that appeared just before or after the Great War. The thing that impressed me most in these old copies was the popularity of the Bent Press Lift as compared with its lack of prominence now. Instantly it seemed a shame to me that a lift t>o sensational and popular at one time should lose its place in the sun. The war seemed to have treated it as it did most Kings, for all the n:en who helped make it famous, such as Matysek, Carr, Tauscher, Snyder, Nordquest, etc., seemed. to have dropped out of active lifting and no one has replaced them in this particular lift at any rate. The newer lifters, apparently, have not taken kindly to it.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas