Torque Fitness Tank M4

4 Reviews

Torque Fitness Tank M4

4 Reviews
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Torque Fitness Tank M4
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Gear Specs

BrandTorque Fitness
Made In USANo
Product Weight198LBS
Product Description


The TANK™ M4 from Torque Fitness is another variation on Torque’s game-changing push sled on wheels. Rather than relying on friction-based resistance like most weighted sleds on the market, the TANK™ operates more like a fan bike, with a magnetic + flywheel design that automatically increases resistance as the sled is pushed faster; with no need to stop and load or unload plates. Because the TANK’s steel frame sits on four oversized, all-surface tires, the sled can also be used indoor and outdoor, from turf to pavement, producing far less noise than friction sleds and no gouging! Its electrostatic paint finish also protects it effectively from the elements.

The Tank M4 is bi-directional, eliminating the need to turn the unit around, which also reduces path width reserved for TANK™ runs. Other new features introduced with the M4 include:

  • 4-Wheel Brake Resistance - don’t need to load plates to prevent “rising up”
  • 3 Pre-Set Resistance Levels - Can be set independently at each end of the sled, enabling one setting on the push and another on the pull
  • Redesigned, Removable Handles with Multi-Position Tow Bar
  • Optional Weight Horn (for athletes who want to performance more intense towing exercises)

The patent-pending design weighs 198 LBS (89.8kg) and measures 52.4” x 31.9” x 37.1”, with the durable frame and welds backed by a 10-year warranty. As with all members of the TANK™ family, the M4 is optimized for all types of push and pull sled training, with functionality across all skill levels, convenient portability, and High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) potential (14 minutes of a TANK™ workout = an hour on a treadmill).

For a similar design with even more features, see the TANK MX.

Compatible Torque Accessories:

Gear Specs


  • 4-Wheel Push Sled
  • 3 Standard Resistance Level Settings
  • Magnetic Variable Resistance means resistance increases the faster you push/pull
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • No Need to Load Extra Weights
  • Resistance Brakes for Safety
  • Color: Black

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Aug 2022
Great investment
I bought this to train for Deka competitions. It can be used for multiple workouts and is my favorite piece of equipment to train with.
Yes, I recommend this product
Yes · 6
No · 0
Annoyed at Scott27
North Carolina
Jun 2022
Doesn’t turn>>
It is NOT supposed to turn. It is a back and forth sprint and resistance sled; DUH. That has to be one of the dumbest reviews I have ever seen. I have used this repeatedly and it provides excellent levels of resistance and goes where you push it (or pull it). does it drive - ONLY if the force you exert on it is uneven.
Yes, I recommend this product
Yes · 45
No · 1
Jun 2021
Turning an enormous problem
The sled can't really turn. It will drift a little - if you push more on one side (hard on the elbows), the tires are unevenly inflated, or the ground isn't perfectly flat. Otherwise, you are picking it up to turn it. Huge annoyance.
Yes · 16
No · 131
Seattle, WA
Jun 2021
All in one sled
My gym has a couple of these and when it closed down I just grabbed my own Tank. This is probably the best of the three Sleds they offer. Simply because the handles lock on the the sled with hardware rather than the quick release handles on the other two. No wobble on this unit. If you buy one, pick up all the accessories. The Rope Is my favorite but the vest and straps are must haves too. You can hit every muscle in the body to a high degree. The cardio benefits are off the charts but the strength benefits including explosive power are where this machine excels. It really is a gym in itself. I feel a bounce to my step when playing any sport when I’m using this consistently. It does take up a little extra space and turning it is a workout in itself. These are the only faults I can think of but they are minor compared to what you get out if it. It’s a lot of fun too. Every one wants to take it for a spin. If you have a dedicated spot for it in your gym don’t think twice on this one. And like I said, buy all the accessories. The push pull exercises you can do are endless.
Yes, I recommend this product
Yes · 46
No · 7
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