Medicine Balls

Good: Rogue Echo Slam Balls: Available in weight increments from 10 lbs up to 50 lbs, these rubberized, dead-bounce Slam Balls can benefit athletes of any size and skill level, and they’re versatile enough to use as wall balls or for traditional medicine ball exercises, as well.

Better: Dynamax Medicine Balls: These were among the first balls on the market with enough padding to be used safely at high velocities. Even when used for slams and wall ball work, Dynamax medballs hold their form and get the job done. Available from 4LB up to 30LB.

Best: Rogue Medicine Balls: To provide a medicine ball up to our highest standard, we elected to manufacture them ourselves here in Columbus. Each 14” diameter Rogue medball features a flexible but durable nylon thread seam construction (double stitched) with a moisture and scuff resistant coated vinyl shell. Available in 4LB-30LB and backed by a 2-year warranty.