Rogue Kettlebells

1222 Reviews

Rogue Kettlebells

1222 Reviews
9LB Rogue Kettlebell
13LB Rogue Kettlebell
18LB Rogue Kettlebell
26LB Rogue Kettlebell
35LB Rogue Kettlebell
40LB Rogue Kettlebell
44LB Rogue Kettlebell
53LB Rogue Kettlebell
62LB Rogue Kettlebell
70LB Rogue Kettlebell
80LB Rogue Kettlebell
88LB Rogue Kettlebell
97LB Rogue Kettlebell
106LB Rogue Kettlebell
124LB Rogue Kettlebell
150LB Rogue Kettlebell
176LB Rogue Kettlebell
203LB Rogue Kettlebell
Product Description

Rogue Kettlebells begin as first run iron ore, not scrap, and are formed into a strong, balanced, single-piece casting with a flat wobble-free base. A clean, void-free surface and durable powder-coat finish give Rogue Kettlebells an unmatched feel.

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Rogue Kettlebells

Our Rogue Kettlebells for sale are designed around these requirements.

Rogue Kettlebells begin as first run iron ore, not scrap, and are formed into a strong, balanced, single-piece casting with a flat wobble-free base. A clean, void-free surface and durable powder-coat finish give Rogue Kettlebells an unmatched feel.

  • Premium Material: We started with the highest quality first run iron ore available, not scrap.

  • Void free surface: We use a proprietary casting process so each bell can reach the highest quality and have the cleanest finish possible. This also allows us to have a smooth, comfortable handle.

  • Single Piece Casting: The Rogue Kettlebell is cast in one solid piece, creating a stronger, more reliable handle and a void free surface. The Rogue Kettlebell does not use plastic caps, plugs, or patches like lower quality products, making them some of the best kettlebells in the industry.

  • Wide Flat Machined Base:  We chose to machine the base of our kettlebell flat (not leave it as a raw casting) so it sits perfectly on the floor and does not wobble.

  • Finish: The Rogue Kettlebell has a matte black powder coat finish that has a great feel and will hold chalk. This feels more natural than a thick epoxy finish.

  • Colors: We color coded the handles. By associating each kettlebell weight increment with a different color handle, it becomes much easier for gym owners and trainers to direct athletes to specific kettlebells on sight alone.

  • Weight: 18 weight increments to choose from—ranging from
    9LB up to 62LB

Approved for the new Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)

The 40LB Rogue Kettlebell has been officially approved for use with the United States Army’s Combat Fitness Test, a 6-event readiness assessment that’s replacing the previous 3-event Army Physical Fitness Test in 2020. The grueling new ACFT is neutral across all genders and age groups, and includes a strength deadlift, standing power throw, hand-release push-ups, sprint/drag/carry, leg tuck, and a 2-mile run.

Weight Tolerance: +/- 3%


Rogue Fast Shipping

The Rogue Shipping System allows you to track your order from the time you place it to the time it hits your door. Order today, track today.


Gear Specs

BrandRogue Fitness
Made In USANo
Product Weight9LB to 203LB
LengthVaries by weight
WidthVaries by weight
HeightVaries by weight
Other Product SpecsMatte black powdercoat finish with color coded handles
Handle Diameter1.2", 1.4", 1.5" or 1.58" depending on weight



Unmatched Feel

Texture matters. A well formed, balanced, and properly textured kettlebell feels better in the hand and performs better in motion. Rogue Kettlebells are textured to hold chalk well, but have enough grip to be used without. The finish texture helps a Rogue Kettlebell feel comfortable in the hand or against the forearm in the rack position without being too rough.



Whether you’re purchasing a single set of KBs for your garage gym or outfitting a large facility, Rogue Kettlebells are available in the weight increments you need—from lightweight beginner bells (starting at 9LB) to our Monster Bell Series (97LB and up).
Rogue Kettlebell Handle Diameters:
9LB - 18LB - 1.2"
26LB - 1.4"
35LB - 88LB - 1.5"
97LB - 203LB - 1.58"


Quality Construction

Rogue Kettlebells are manufactured from first run iron ore (not scrap, like many KBs on the market) and go through a single-piece, proprietary casting process. This creates a stronger, more reliable handle and a void-free surface. The Rogue Kettlebell does not use plastic caps, plugs, or patches like lower quality products. The base of each kettlebell is machined flat (rather than leaving it as a raw casting) so it sits perfectly on the floor and does not wobble. You can tell the difference as soon as you pick one up.


A Foundation for Functional Training

Kettlebells work muscles you didn’t even know you had. A set of kettlebells, an AbMat, a pair of Rogue Wood Rings, and an SR-1 Speed Rope are a great way to start building out a garage gym. You can also check out our elite Competition KG Kettlebells, which feature uniform diameters and handle widths across every increment, from 8KG to 48KG.


Color-Coded Handles

All of our kettlebells up to 88LB feature color-coded handles for easy recognition at a glance. All Rogue Kettlebells feature a matte black, powder coat finish. Powder coat is more durable and the texture feels more natural than an epoxy or painted finish.


Reliable Rogue Shipping

Rogue prides itself on fast, professional shipping, often with same-day turnaround times. Your kettlebells will be packaged safely and efficiently, and you’ll be able to follow the progress of your order from our factory floor to your door using the online Rogue Shipping Tracker. Please note, all KBs over 70LB in weight will ship freight.

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3 weeks ago
Poor quality
After a couple months of having them for my home gym(which has rubber flooring) a piece has already broken off. It has been used probably a total of 5 times and it has never been dropped. Very poor quality
Yes · 1
No · 2

Response from Rogue Fitness:

3 weeks ago
We're very sorry to see this and it should not have happened. Our team is getting you a replacement bell ASAP.
Old Saybrook, CT
4 weeks ago
Excellent Kettlebell
I purchased a set of two of these kettlebells several months ago and am very happy with the product. I own 3 different brands of kettlebell, and these are easily the highest quality. Sure they all do the same thing, but the small details make a big difference as far as joy and comfort are concerned: the textured surface provides excellent grip without tearing up your hands; the logo is flush with the outer surface so it is comfortable in a racked position (as opposed to protruding into your forearm); the color codings makes for quick identification, both of various weights but also finding a matching pair; the shipping box was sturdy and the kettlebell arrived in perfect shape - I can’t say the same for the other brands I have purchased. I highly recommend.
Yes, I recommend this product
Yes · 2
No · 0
Tampa, FL
February 24
So I pretty much love these things. I have all the monster ones and ~15 lbs between each of the smaller ones. Had them for about 2-3 years now and the coating is still going strong. Started keeping one of them outside and it seems to be going strong. Feels good in hand.
Yes · 1
No · 1
Easton pa
February 12
9 Lbs kettle bell
Excellent solid kettle bell. Grip is perfect. Well made. I am seventy seven yr old male. Theis is perfect for upper body exercises without injuries. Rogue has quality products.
Yes, I recommend this product
Yes · 3
No · 0
Gerald K
Gilbert Az
February 8
Great Kettlebells!
Rogue makes some very nice products. They took special care to ensure everything arrived in perfect condition (almost too much precaution). Delivery was fast and professional. Very happy with my purchase.
Yes · 5
No · 0
February 4
Solid and good to go, freaking great for. A quicky
Yes, I recommend this product
Originally posted on
Taylor Michigan
February 2
Great weight
Bought as a present for son. He loves the weight and we will be purchasing another!
Yes, I recommend this product
Yes · 1
No · 0
Cincinnati Ohio
January 29
Excellent quality!
I was looking at other types of kettlebells before closing this type. These are great! The grip is excellent and the machines flat bottom is worth getting! The color coding on them is great! It makes it so easy to find the one I am looking for at a glance! I wouldn’t buy any other brand!
Yes, I recommend this product
Yes · 0
No · 0
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