Monster Lite Rack Storage Panel

2 Reviews
Made in U.S.A.

Monster Lite Rack Storage Panel

2 Reviews
Made in U.S.A.
Monster Lite Rack Storage Panel
Rack Storage Panel Hangers
Monster Rack Mount 4-Bar Hanger
Rogue Rail Mount Hanger - Pair
Side Winder Bracket Set
NOT compatible with CT-1 or LP-2 options

Gear Specs

BrandRogue Fitness
Made In USAYes
Length24" / 30" / 43"
Width3" (depth)
Steel Notes11 Gauge Steel Panel
Other Product SpecsNot for use as a structural crossmember. Accessories not included
Product Description

A great way to add versatile storage capacity to any existing Monster Lite Series rack or rig, our 11-gauge steel Rack Storage Panels include 5/16” thick endplates and a set of (4) 5/8” bolt assemblies for easy installation (a separate Monster version is also available with 1” hardware).

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A great way to add versatile storage capacity to any existing Monster Lite Series rack or rig, our 11-gauge steel Rack Storage Panels include 5/16” thick endplates and a set of (4) 5/8” bolt assemblies for easy installation (a separate Monster version is also available with 1” hardware). There are three different lengths to choose from—24”, 30” and 43”— meaning you can mount a panel between the two back uprights of your rack and/or between two side uprights, depending on the depth of the unit. Customers can also select a hardware finish of bright zinc or black zinc to match their existing set-up.

All of our Rack Storage Panels are manufactured in the USA from US steel, with laser-cut Rogue branding, a medium-gloss black powder coat finish, and convenient recesses in the back for tightening mounting hardware. PLEASE NOTE: While these panels mount to Monster LITE units, they’re designed for attaching Monster Series accessories. The top and bottom sections include standard 1” holes (spaced 2” on center horizontally), while the center section features a row of tear-drop 1” keyholes (spaced 2” on center horizontally and vertically). This enables the addition of Monster attachments not previously compatible with M-Lite units, including the Monster Plate Storage Pin and Monster Attachment Post.

*IMPORTANT:  These Storage Panels should NOT be used in place of any structural crossmember and should only be used in addition to a unit’s existing crossmembers. The 24” option is also NOT compatible with the RML-3 Rack (this is due to allowable length tolerances in the welded side panels of this rack). RML-3 owners CAN use the 43” storage panel as an option running between the rack’s two side panels.

Gear Specs


  • Made in the USA - 11-gauge Steel
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Sold Individually
  • Compatible with Monster Lite Series Racks and Rigs
  • Compatible with Monster Accessories (not included)
  • A la carte attachments can be added to an order in the purchase area
  • Three Length Options: 24”, 30”, 43”
  • Width: 3”
  • Height: 12”
  • Laser-cut Rogue branding
  • MG Black Powder Coat finish
  • 5/16” thick endplates
  • (4) 5/8” Bolt Assemblies Included
  • Hardware Finish Options: Bright Zinc or Black Zinc


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Bring Together Monster LIte Units & Monster Accessories

Our Rack Storage Panels provide another way to fully utilize an existing Monster Lite rack or rig, as the upright-mounted panels are compatible with a wide array of special a la carte attachments, as well as existing 1” Monster attachments and storage accessories not previously compatible with ML units (including the Monster Plate Storage Pin, Monster Attachment Post, and Monster 4-Bar Hanger. The panel’s combination of standard and keyhole-style holes offers loads of additional possibilities for true customization.


3 Size Options

As another means of adding functional versatility, we’re offering the Rack Storage Panels in three different lengths: 24”, 30”, and 43”. This allows gym owners to attach panels across the two back uprights of a Monster Lite rack (43”) and/or across two side uprights in a 24” or 30” depth rack. All sizes of the panel measure the same 3” in depth and 12” in height.

Important: The panels may NOT be compatible between the front and back uprights of our welded RML-3 Rack. The 43” option CAN be used, however, between the side panels of the RML-3.


Quality Rogue Construction

Each panel is manufactured in the USA from 11-gauge US Steel, with laser-cut Rogue branding and an MG Black powder coat finish. Recesses in the back of the panel are included for tightening the mounting hardware, which can be selected in a bright zinc or black zinc finish to match your existing rack/rig.
Important: Not intended use as a structural crossmember.


Multi-Panel Setup

Because it measures 12” in height, it’s easy to sequence multiple Rack Storage Panels flush against one another on one side of a rack, maximizing the storage capabilities of the unit. Gym owners can also purchase multiple panels for attaching to different sides of the same rack/rig (this may require selecting different panel lengths).


Loads of Gear Within Arm's Reach

The unique design of the Rack Storage Panel offers a space efficient means for storing everything from change plates and OSO collars to weightlifting belts, resistance bands, speed ropes, and a whole assortment of other small gear. It’s a new addition to the wider family of Rogue storage equipment.

Compatible Attachments for the Monster Rack Storage Panel


Single Hook Hanger

This 2.5” long x 1.125” wide hook can be used to hang a variety of items including a belt, jump rope, vest, etc. MG Black finish


Multi Use Hanger

This larger hanger includes (6) hooks measuring 1” wide x 6.25” long. Ideal for storing Monster Bands, belts, and jump ropes. Mounting pegs are 10” on center. MG Black finish.


Storage Bin Hanger

This attachment offers (7) front vertical tabs (1” wide) for hanging accessories, plus a 13” wide x 5.75” deep bin that’s great for storing chalk, wrist wraps, straps, collars, etc. MG Black finish.


Rail Mount Hanger (Pair)

Can be set on the top of the Rack Storage panel to open up even more storage options. These 6” long steel hooks are great for collars, knee sleeves, gym towels, etc. Texture black powder coat finish.


Monster 4-Bar Hanger

Enables up to 4 barbells to be securely stored vertically off of the Rack Storage Panel. MG Black finish.


Side Winder Bracket Pair

Allow users to offset the Rack Storage Panel from being inline with the two uprights of the rack. This is specifically beneficial for users who have a Slinger and would like to set up a Panel between the same two uprights.

IMPORTANT: Rack Storage Panels are NOT designed to be a replacement for a rack’s structural crossmember. They should only be used in addition to the standard crossmembers included with a rack/rig.

*Customers who have a rack pushed all the way against a wall may need to pull the rack out in order to access and tighten the panels with a wrench.

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Sep 2021
Awesome versatility
Love the added room for storage. Before I didn't have a good spot to hang bands or collars. I ordered the rail mount hangers and storage bin (not pictured). I wish the rail mounts would actually clip to the panel. They just sit on top of it. So, it's possible to knock them off if you get a little crazy trying to take something off of them. I also wish it was easier to order both the multi use hanger and storage bin at the same time. You have to add that separately once you've added the other items to your cart because they are both in the same drop down. I would definitely recommend this for added storage!
Yes, I recommend this product
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No · 4
Upper Arlington, OH
May 2021
Excellent for storage
Bought the 43" panel for my HR2. Very happy with this storage panel. I bought two of the multi-use hangers and a storage bin which fit nicely along it. I've been able to hang all my bands, chains and some cable handles using the hooks from the hangers and the storage bin. I've placed my band pegs, lifting belt and dip belt in the storage part of the bin. Overall it has helped me nicely organize and everything is within reach now. Highly recommend the storage panel. A word about installing it: it is a lot heavier than I thought it would be and you need to loosen up the nuts on the crossmembers to allow a little bit of "give" in your uprights to allow the storage panel to fit in-between them. If there isn't enough give you can easily scratch up your uprights. I was able to install it myself but if I had to do it again I would've had my wife help me as getting it to catch onto the bolts was a bit of a pain.
Yes, I recommend this product
Yes · 18
No · 0
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