The Common Cold – Strength Magazine – April, 1928

Do you know of anyone who is not familiar with colds in at least some of their many stages’ I do not believe so. This is one condition which nearly every person at some time in their life has had to endure. When it is called the common cold it is very properly named, as this is one condition which the rich and poor may both entertain on an equal basis. Definition of a cold is hardly necessary, but it may be defined as a catarrhal inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. The physician uses such terms as “acute rhinitis,” “acute pharyngitis,” “acute laryngitis… or “trachetis,” to designate the region chiefly affected by the disease. The disease does not vary to any great extent or not at all but the various terms describe the part or parts involved, such as the nose, throat, etc.

Stark CenterUniversity of Texas