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Curl Barbells


Curl Barbells

Curl barbells are a versatile and effective tool for targeting your biceps, triceps, and forearms during strength training. At Rogue, we understand the importance of quality equipment in achieving your fitness goals. Our selection of curl barbells offers superior performance and durability, helping you maximize your training.

The Uses of Curl Bars

Discover the unique benefits and applications of curl bars, specifically designed to optimize your arm workouts:

Curl Bar Shape: The distinctive curved design of curl barbells sets them apart from standard straight barbells, providing a more ergonomic grip and reducing strain on the wrists. 

Targeted Muscle Engagement: Curl barbells excel at isolating and engaging the biceps, making them indispensable for exercises like bicep curls and reverse curls. The angles of the barbell allows for a natural hand position, enabling you to effectively target these muscle groups and maximize muscle activation.

Common Exercises with Curl Barbells

Explore the variety of exercises you can perform with curl barbells to add size and strength to your arms:

Barbell Bicep Curl: Master the classic bicep curl using a curl bar, targeting the biceps with controlled, concentric movements. The ergonomic design of the curl barbell allows for a comfortable grip and varied hand positions, allowing you to effectively target different areas of the biceps for balanced muscle development.

Reverse Barbell Curls: Engage the forearm muscles with reverse barbell curls, a variation of the traditional bicep curl. By holding the barbell with an overhand grip, you'll target the brachioradialis and other forearm muscles, enhancing grip strength and forearm endurance.

Overhead Tricep Extension: Challenge your triceps with overhead tricep extensions using a curl bar. With an overhead grip, extend your arms overhead and lower the barbell behind your head, engaging the triceps as you push the weight back up. The ergonomic grip of the curl barbell ensures optimal wrist alignment and stability during this exercise.