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Rogut athlete during the Clean Ladder event at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games

Nickname The Behemoth
Age 27
Weight 220
Height 6'5"
From Houston, Texas
Current Residence Houston, Texas
Began Crossfit June 2010
Affiliate Behemoth CrossFit
Barbell Stats
Squat 450
Front Squat 385
Clean & Jerk 340
Snatch 305
Deadlift 555
Press 220
WOD Times
Fran 3:17
Helen 8:00
Grace --
Filthy 50 --
FGB 444
Pullups 40
400m :65
5k 22:22
500m Row 1:22
2000m Row 6:40
Favorite Girl None of them
Least Favorite Girl All of them
2013 CrossFit Games 27th, South Central Regional 2rd Place
2012 CrossFit Games 25th, South Central Regional 3rd Place
2011 CrossFit Games 28th, South Central Regional 1st Place
2010 10th place South Central Regional
2009 N/A - professional baseball
2008  N/A - professional baseball
2007 N/A - college baseball

Aja Barto

Aja Barto is a Houston native who has been one of the top competitors at the South Central CrossFIt Regionals, reaching the podium each year from 2011-2013 and competing in three CrossFit Games. Prior to starting CrossFit, Barto played Minor League baseball in the Texas Rangers system and also at the collegiate level for Tulane University. Forgoing the 2014 CrossFit season to focus on weightlifting, Barto set an all-time personal record 308 lbs snatch at the American Open and also competed in the 2014 USAW Nationals.

Aside from his training, Barto is a full time owner and coach of Behemoth CrossFit in Cypress, Texas.