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5 Alpha Package - 5 Person Affiliate

1 Review

5 Alpha Package - 5 Person Affiliate

1 Review
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We have reworked our affiliate packages and this is the Garage package. If you started your affiliate like I did with Rogue then it was in your garage training your friends and family! If this package does not meet your needs, please email us at

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5 Person Alpha Package

We have reworked our affiliate packages and this is the Garage package. If you started your affiliate like I did with Rogue then it was in your garage training your friends and family! 

If this package does not meet your needs, please email us at

*Package contents may change based on supply.  See list below for current package configuration.


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Rogue HG 2.0 Bumper Plates

(1) 1000LB Rogue HG 2.0 Bumper set

You choose the weights you want up to 1000LB

Rogue Ohio Bar

(5) ROGUE OHIO BARs - Black Zinc

From the 190,000 PSI steel to the dual knurl marks, every detail of the Ohio Bar with Black Zinc shaft and Bright Zinc sleeves is held to the absolute highest standard. Guaranteed for Life! 

Rogue Bella Bar - Black Zinc

(2) ROGUE Bella Bars 2.0 - Black Zinc

A staple of women’s CrossFit competitions, the 25MM Bella Bar has no center knurl and features the same Rogue signature Dual Knurl Marks and 190,000 PSI tensile strength as our flagship 20KG Ohio Bar.

Rogue T-15LB Technique Bar

(2) Rogue T-15LB Technique Bars

Fully machined and assembled at the Rogue factory in Columbus, Ohio, the T-15LB Technique Bar features a 28MM bare aluminum shaft with dual Powerlifting and Olympic knurl marks.

Rogue 9 Bar Holder 2.0

(1) Rogue 9 Bar Holder 2.0

With a footprint of just 18”x18”, the 9 Bar Holder can instantly organize and improve the efficiency of any training space, be it a garage gym or large strength and conditioning facility.

Rogue Kettlebells


Choose your own variants up to 200LB total.

Rogue OSO Barbell Collars


Feature a patented locking mechanism for secure hold and easy use.

Rogue Wood Rings


American-made gymnastic rings offer firm grip with or without chalk.

Rogue Medicine Balls


Highly durable, 14" diameter medicine balls, made in the USA. Select your preferred weight from 4LB-20LB for each of the 5 medicine balls.



American made, textured surface for great grip, approved for ball slams with a 2 year warranty. Choose your preferred weight for each of the D-Balls (8LB-30LB available).

Rogue Climbing Ropes


Durable manila. No bracket required.

Rogue Games Box

(5) Rogue Games Boxes

American-made, battle tested, and backed by a year-long warranty, the 56 LB Games Box is designed for safe, effective plyometric training at any skill level with built-in height options of 20”, 24”, and 30”.

Rogue SML-1 70" Monster Lite Squat Stand

(2) SML-1 Rogue 70" Monster Lite Squat Stands

Equally well suited to a small garage gym or large-scale weight training center, the SML-1 Squat Stand stands six feet tall and operates within an efficient 48"x49" footprint.

Rogue Monster Lite Rig 2.0

(1) Rogue Monster Lite Rig 2.0 - 10' Base Model

The Base Edition of the Rogue Monster Lite Rig 2.0 maintains the specs of the original model, with 3x3" 11-Gauge Steel uprights, 5/8” holes, and a combination of X-43 and X-70 crossmembers.

Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0

(5) Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0

The redesigned Rogue Flat Utility Bench takes the weight bench back to basics, featuring 2x3” 11-gauge steel construction, a high-density Neoprene pad, and a pair of angled, wide-set legs for maximized stability.

Rogue SR-1 Bearing Speed Jump Rope 2.0

(5) SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope 2.0

Built with a 6", rotating handle for sure grip, the Rogue SR-1 is capable of unbeatable speed. The bearing system allows for top-end revolutions and the coated cable adds speed and durability

Concept 2 PM5 Rower

(2) CONCEPT 2 RowErg Rowers W/ PM5 MONITOR

Includes PM5 Performance Monitor, flywheel design, and easy spiral damper to control the feel of each pull.

Rogue Echo Bike

(2) Rogue Echo Bikes

The Rogue Echo Bike combines heavy-duty steel, precision engineering, and convenient customization to forge a stronger, sturdier fan bike.


(5) ABMATs

Comfortable support mat for crunches and other abdominal workouts.

Rogue GH-1 GHD

(3) Rogue GH-1 GHD

Our compact, portable Glute Ham Developer is manufactured in the USA from 2x2" and 2x3" 11- Gauge Steel, with a new bolt-together, triangular-base design and rubber feet for max stability.

Rogue Echo Timer

(1) Rogue Echo Timer

Measuring 25.25" x 7.75", the Echo Gym Timer display screen shows the time in red and the number of rounds in green, with bright 4” high numbers that can be seen from several hundred meters away. This makes it easy for a coach, trainer, or gym owner to program the timer for large groups of athletes to use simultaneously.

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Alamo, TN, United States
Jan 2016
Great setup for my gym
I unpacked and set this up myself. Everything was very simple to put together. The items were packed very well. I had only a few questions about a few things, and the guys at Rogue responded quickly and answered every question. Thanks guys. These products are well made. If you you want to get strong, get Rogue.
Yes, I recommend this product
Yes · 19
No · 7
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