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Garage Gym Tour With Olympian Joe Kovacs

World champion shot-putter and 2x Olympic silver medalist Joe Kovacs gives Rogue an exclusive tour of the garage gym he and his wife/coach Ashley have built in their new home outside of Nashville. With space at a premium, the Kovacs (or “THROvacs”) gym features plenty of wall storage and Rogue’s RML-390FULLW Fold-Back Rack, which not only frees up room for cardio machines (Joe’s least favorite type of equipment), but also for parking the car in the garage on colder days.

Along with the obligatory shot put itself, equipment seen in Joe’s gym tour includes:

Ohio Power Bar – ZEUS Custom Design:

Monster Lite Monolift:

Wall Storage Stringer:

Monster Lite RML-390 Fold-Back Rack:

Rogue Deadlift Platform:

Rogue Dog Sled:

Concept 2 Rowerg Rower:

Westside Scout Hyper:

Rogue 3-Bar Gun Rack:

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