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RM-3W Fold Back Rack In Action

Monster RM-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack

Space Saving Power Rack, Made in the USA

The Monster Series version of our Wall-Mount Fold Back Rack features two 3x3" 11-gauge steel uprights (90” in height), with 1” hardware, 2" hole spacing throughout, and keyholes on the outside of each upright. These units are available in two depth options (41.5" and 21.25") and include a quality MG Black finish plus a quick-attach pull-up bar, Monster J-Cups, and optional stringers.

The goal with this design was to create a more space efficient, wall-mounted version of our standard Monster RM-3 Rack; one that could be conveniently folded inward or outward against a gym wall, yet still offer the sturdiness and versatility of a stationary Monster unit. To achieve this, our engineering team developed a unique hinge-and-pin system that is both easy to install and rock solid. In use as a squat stand, pull up rig, or power rack, the feel with the Monster Fold Back Rack is miles beyond lighter setups that use thinner steel.

Optional Fold Back Rack Stringers

For optimal support, Rogue recommends including a pair of stringers with your Fold Back Rack order (these are selected by default in the dropdown menu, but can be deselected if you choose, which will slightly reduce the overall price). Our custom-compatible stringers are made from laser-cut and formed 11-gauge steel and finished in our MG Black powder coat. They measure 59" long x 10.125" tall, and extend 0.8125" off the mounting surface when installed. One stringer is used to mount the top hinge brackets and the other for the bottom hinge brackets. They can be mounted to a standard wood stud wall (4 studs required for installation). All required hardware (16.375" x 2.5" black wood lags and washers) is included, but any customers attempting to secure the stringers to a wall construction other than wood stud will be responsible for acquiring the correct hardware.


  • Made in the USA
  • Fully Retractable Power Rack
  • Uprights: 3x3" 11-gauge steel, 90.375" height
  • Inside Depth: Inside depth - 21.25" or 41.5"
  • 49” Outside Uprights
  • 43” Inside Uprights
  • Optional Custom Stringers
  • MG Black Finish
  • (1) Set of Monster J-Cups of your choice
  • (4) Mounting Brackets
  • (4) 5/8" Monster Detent Pins for mounting brackets
  • ((1) Monster Adjustable Pull-Up Bar with 1" detent pin
  • (2) UHMW Plastic Caps to protect floor

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Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Product Weight 165LB / 190LB
Length 25" or 44"
Width 56" Overall (On Wall)
49" Outside Uprights
43" Inside Uprights
Height 90.375"
Other Product Specs Inside depth - 21.25" or 41.5"
Steel Notes 3x3" 11 gauge steel
Monster Compatible Yes

Key Features of the Monster Fold Back Rack

  • 1Heavy Gauge American Steel & Hardware

    Heavy-Gauge American Steel and Hardware The RM-3W uses heavy-duty 3x3" 11 gauge steel uprights with laser-cut holes (spaced 2” on center) and 1” Black Zinc Monster hardware. Standard Monster J-cups are included, but customers can also opt to upgrade to Sandwich or 2” Sandwich J-cups via the dropdown menu. The RML-3W rack is compatible with most of our exclusive Monster accessories and add-ons. Start with the Fold Back Rack as your base, and build your arsenal over time.

  • 2Choice of Depth

    The Fold Back Rack is available in two depths: 21.25" and 41.5" (the exact dims from mounting face to the inside of the uprights are 21.275” and 41.525”). In the Short version, the sides of the rack will position flush against the wall whether you swing them inward (towards each other) or outward. With the Long 41.5" depth rack, the sides can still fold in or out, but if both are moved inward, there will be a slight overlap—so to open up max space, you'd want to fold either both sides outward or one inward and one outward. For most setups the 21.25" is the best choice. Choose 41.5" if you need more space in the rack for gymnastic movements.

  • 3Fit, Finish & Lifetime Warranty

    At Rogue, every weld and laser cut is inspected individually at each step of the process for integrity and appearance. Every part is again individually inspected after the quality MG Black finish is added to the brackets, uprights, and crossmembers. The entire package receives a final comprehensive quality assurance check before it’s shipped. The RM-3W is guaranteed by Rogue for Life.

  • 4Space Efficiency

    The detent pins included with the Fold Back Rack conveniently lock the rack into either the open position (ready for use) or closed position (against the wall). When stowed away, the rack takes up less than 5" of space from the wall, meaning you can have a world-class power rack in your garage without having to park your car on the street at night. Maximize your space with our efficient Wall Storage options to save even more space.

  • 5 Quick-Attach Pull-Up Bar

    The Fold Back Rack comes standard with a Monster Adjustable Pull-up Bar, which can be installed much like a set of J-cups using the simple pin and swing system. The bar features a texture black powdercoat finish for a firm grip and laser-cut Rogue branding. A 1” Monster detent pin locks it securely into place. Note: Because of the bolts for the crossmembers, the approximate max height of the pull-up bar is 7 feet. The second hole from the top of the upright cannot be used, so the next available pull-up bar height below 7' is 6'8".

  • 6Rogue Shipping

    Rogue prides itself on fast, professional shipping, often with same-day turnaround times. Your bar will be packaged safely and ship fast. You can follow the progress of your order using the Rogue Shipping Tracker.