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Rogue LP-2 Lat Pulldown / Low Row side shot
Patent Pending

Rogue LP-2 Lat Pulldown / Low Row


Availability: Ships in 12 Weeks

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Product Weight 775LBS
Length 70" (depth - to low row roller edge)
Width 43"
Height 108"
Steel Notes 3x3” 11-gauge steel
Foot Print 70" x 43"

The newly redesigned Rogue LP-2 Lat Pulldown and Low Row machine is manufactured at our Reflex facility in Milan, Illinois, using 3x3” 11-gauge steel; with additional parts laser-cut at the Rogue factory in Columbus. This stand-alone unit ships fully assembled—standing 9 feet tall and occupying just a 70” x 43” footprint—and includes a 300 LB weight stack (10 LB increments), stainless steel lat bar, diamond-tread adjustable footplate, 6” machined aluminum pulleys, a USA Mil Spec cable, and a set of custom-built black carabiners—one each for the lat pulldown and the low row.

The unique space efficiency and versatility of this machine are key, as athletes can quickly switch between the lat pulldown and low row functions without having to reconfigure the cables. The original, comfortable foam seat and a set of 2 machined stainless steel clevises (for attachment to both the lat pulldown and low row ends of the cable) are still included standard.

Key Updates with This Version:

There are a number of new features we’ve introduced with Version 2.0. The durable aluminum pulleys are an upgrade over the previous nylon version, and both the pulleys and weight stack are now machined in-house at our Reflex plant. Weight stack shrouds are also included standard—adding safety and potential space for custom branding—and new stowable flip-down foot pegs make it easy to get in and out of the machine when using it for lat pulldowns. Finally, an updated swing-arm style hip pad makes for smoother and easier custom adjustments. Overall, the LP-2 Lat Pulldown / Low Row is both a functional and stylistic upgrade, more closely conforming to our current Monster Rack and Slinger designs.

IMPORTANT: For the safety of the equipment and the athletes using it, the LP-2 must be bolted securely to the floor. Mounting hardware is not included.

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Product Weight 775LBS
Length 70" (depth - to low row roller edge)
Width 43"
Height 108"
Steel Notes 3x3” 11-gauge steel
Foot Print 70" x 43"

What Sets the Rogue LP-2 Lat Pulldown / Low Row Apart:

  • 12 in 1 Versatility

    One station, two dynamic upper body workouts. The Monster Lat Pulldown 2.0 enables users to instantly shift from seated lat pulldowns and triceps pushdowns to a low row, simply by switching their body position. This makes it an efficient machine for a garage gym or for multiple athletes moving through their regimens in a larger training facility.

  • 2Stainless Steel Lat Bar

    We not only include a stainless steel lat pulldown bar standard with the machine, we designed and built it ourselves—cut, fully knurled, and bent by our manufacturing team in Columbus. Almost all other lat bars in the industry are made overseas, and the ones made in America are rarely stainless steel. Measurements: 48” in length and 1.125” in diameter.

  • 3Quality Rogue Manufacturing

    This is NOT the sort of lat pulldown machine you’ll find in a sporting goods store. Made in the USA from 3x3” 11-gauge steel, our machine is heavy-duty but also carefully refined from our own original designs, with precision-machining and in-house testing by experienced, high-performance athletes. The machine’s 6” aluminum pulleys and 300 LB weight stack are both now machined in-house, and the ¼” cable itself is made to the same military specifications as aircraft cable; jacketed in nylon for superior flexibility and durability. The standard finish is a classic MG Black powdercoat.

  • 4Comfort and Custom Adjustments

    The Monster Lat Pulldown 2.0 includes a 16.5” long x 11.75” wide foam seat along with a new swing-arm style foam leg roller assembly (8 adjustment positions spaced 0.83”) and flip-down foot pegs for the low row (8 adjustment positions spaced 2”). This means the machine can be quickly customized to any athlete. New weight stack shrouds add both protection and custom opportunities, too, as a gym, team, or company’s branding can easily be added to them.

  • 5Recommended Accessories

    Rogue offers an assortment of optional Monster add-ons and accessories, sold separately, that athletes can incorporate with the Monster Lat Pulldown, including the Multi Grip Cable Attachment, Grip Triangle (for use with the low row or close-grip pull downs), Leather Tricep Strap, Tricep Push Down Attachment, and a wide array of Monster Resistance Bands.

  • 6Fast Rogue Shipping

    The Monster Lat Pulldown / Low Row machine ships fully assembled from our Reflex Factory in Milan, Illinois. The unit ships freight, bolted to a skid, with custom metal brackets included for added protection. Once you’ve placed an order, the Rogue Shipping System allows you to track it from our factory floor all the way to your door. Order today, track today.


  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending
  • Stand-Alone Construction, 3x3” 11-gauge steel (Must be bolted to floor, mounting hardware not included)
  • Product Weight: 775 LBS
  • Height: 108”
  • Foot Print 70” x 43”
  • NEW 300 LB Weight Stack (10 LB increments), machined in USA
  • NEW 6” Machined Aluminum Pulleys + UHMW covers, machined in USA
  • ¼” Cable built to US Mil Spec for aircraft cable
  • Stainless Steel clevises for cable attachment, machined in USA
  • MB Black powdercoat finish
  • (1) Stainless Steel Lat Bar, built by Rogue
  • (1) Set of Plastic Covered Band Attachment pins
  • (2) Custom Black Carabiners
  • (1) Diamond Tread Footplate: 18.75" wide x 8" tall, with 10 adjustment positions spaced 1.5" on center.
  • (1) Foam Seat: 16.5" long x 11.75" wide.
  • NEW (1) Set of Flip Down Foot Pegs for the Low Row: 8 total adjustment positions spaced 2” on center
  • NEW (1) Swing-Arm Foam Leg Roller Assembly: 8 total adjustment positions spaced 0.83" on center
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