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Rogue Infinity Slinger™

Rogue Infinity Slinger™ - Base Unit

Special Price $225.00

Regular Price: $265.00

Bands and Tricep strap Not Included
Rogue Infinity Slinger™ w/ Bands & Rogue Tricep Strap
Includes: #0 #1 #2 #3 Monster Bands and Rogue Strap
Rogue Infinity Slinger™ w/ Bands & Pioneer Tricep Strap
Includes: #0 #1 #2 #3 Monster Bands and Pioneer Strap
24" Infinity Slinger Crossmember
43" Infinity Slinger Crossmember

Rogue Infinity Slinger™

The rack-mounted Infinity Slinger™ is a cable-pulley and band resistance system that can deliver the same training benefits of a traditional stand-alone Lat Pulldown Machine in a more space-efficient and cost-efficient format.

Designed exclusively for use with our 2x3” Rogue Infinity R-Series Power Racks, this version of the Slinger includes adjustable components for set-up on a 90” unit, with optional Rogue attachment straps and bands available to add to the package. Customers may also choose to purchase custom 24” or 43” Slinger Crossmembers, which include laser-cut holes for the cable to pass through.

Important: The standard crossmembers on Infinity units do not include holes on the top/bottom of the tubes, so customers who opt against ordering new Slinger Crossmembers will need to drill a hole through the existing tube for the cable to pass through. This can be done by an experienced craftsman or by taking the crossmember to a local fab shop.

Warning: Any Rack or Rig utilizing the Slinger attachment must be securely fastened to the floor for use.

For gym owners with a Monster Series rack/rig, see the Monster Slinger.
For gym owners with a 3x3" Monster Lite Series rack/rig, see the Monster Lite Slinger.

The Infinity Slinger Base Unit includes:

  • (2) Slinger Mounting Plates
  • (2) 6" Cable Pulleys
  • (1) 1/4" MIL Spec Cable with Rogue made hardware
  • (1) Infinity Shackle + Carabiner
  • (1) Slinger Extension Strap
  • (1) Slinger Band Sheath
  • (2) Carabiners
  • (2) Black Zinc ⅝” Bolt Assemblies
  • (2) Rubber Grommets

Once installed, the front of the Infinity Slinger will extend approximately 7" out from the face of the upright it is mounted above, and approximately 7" above the top of that same upright.

Optional Rogue Stainless Steel Lat Bar Attachment

  • Fully knurled w/ laser-cut Rogue branding and Black Zinc/Bright Zinc finish.
  • 1.125" diameter, 48" across

Optional Tricep Strap & Resistance Band Kit
Comes with an assortment of bands for tricep work and gradual adjustments on lat pulldown movements:

*Due to the 41” length of our Monster Bands, we suggest doubling up each band, i.e., feeding the band through the bottom carabiner (attached to the extension strap) until it is centered, then connecting both ends of the band to the top carabiner (attached to the cable). This will greatly increase the resistance beyond the bands’ standard LB increments.

Customers interested in lighter weights can also explore our full line-up of Monster Bands, available a la carte. Important: All resistance bands are wear and tear items and should be inspected prior to each and every use. We always recommend that the provided Slinger Band Sheath be used in conjunction with resistance bands on the Infinity Slinger.

Optional Slinger Crossmember Additions:

These custom steel tubes include a laser-cut hole for the cable to pass through; a feature not included on standard Infinity rack crossmembers.

  • 24” Crossmember: For the back of an R-6 or for a 24” depth R-3 Bolt-Together Rack
  • 43" Crossmember: For an R-4 Rack


  • Patent Pending Design
  • Pull Ratio: 1:1
  • Rack-Mounted Cable Pulley / Lat Pulldown System
  • Compatible ONLY with 2x3” Rogue Infinity R-Series Racks
  • Extends 7” out from and above upright to which it is mounted
  • Attachment straps and resistance bands sold separately from standard package
  • User Assembly Required

Orders are packaged and shipped from Rogue HQ in Columbus, OH. You can follow its progress from our factory floor to your door using the Rogue Shipping Tracker.

Gear Specs

Brand Rogue Fitness
Made In USA Yes
Color Black
Length 22.8" Total Length / Extends 7" beyond face of mounting upright
Height 13.25" Total Height / Extends 7" above top of upright
Other Product Specs MIL Spec 1/4" Steel Cable, Mounting Holes 8" on center
Steel Notes 1/4" Thick Steel Pulley Mount Plates
Infinity Compatible Yes

Key Features of the Infinity Slinger

  • 1Mounting Plates

    The Infinity Slinger can be installed ONLY on Rogue Infinity R-Series Racks. This can be done using the included pair of laser-cut and formed, ¼” thick steel Slinger Mounting Plates, which feature a quality Signature Texture Black Powdercoat finish and Rogue branding.

  • 2Cable & Hardware

    To get the same consistent feel of a freestanding lat pulldown machine, we have equipped the Infinity Slinger with a ¼” MIL spec cable, with two durable 6” pulleys and Rogue-made hardware. A pair of ⅝” Bolt Assemblies are also included standard, along with two steel carabiners: one to connect the cable to the resistance band & one to connect attachments to the cable.

  • 3Extension Strap

    Made from 1.5” wide nylon webbing, our exclusive Slinger Extension Strap is essential for connecting to 108" tall racks or rigs, but can also be used to adjust how much tension is initially on the bands, regardless of rack height.

  • 4Protective Band Sheath

    The Slinger Band Sheath is made in-house and connects at the same connection points as the resistance bands. Made from 1000D Cordura, it’s designed to slide over the resistance bands, acting as a protective safety net of sorts. If a band breaks, the sheath can stop the cable from flying up through the rack, while also containing the band so it doesn’t snap against the user or nearby athletes.

  • 5Infinity Shackle

    Made from a ¼” thick laser-cut and bent steel plate, the Rogue Infinity Shackle serves as a sturdy mounting point for the cable/bands to the lower crossmember within the user’s rack.

  • 6Rubber Grommets

    A set of rubber grommets are included to install on the crossmember that the cable runs through. This will help prevent the cable from coming into contact with the edges of the laser-cut holes on the crossmember.